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Residential Services Available from SAFE Pest Control

  • Monthly Service
  • Bi-Monthly Service
  • Quarterly Service
  • One Time Service
  • Special Treatments

Ants • Spiders • Fleas • Ticks
Sowbugs • Earwigs • Cockroaches
Carpenter Ants • Bees & Wasps
Wood Destroying Beetles • Fungus
Termites∙Rodents & Other Pests
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Commercial Services available from SAFE Pest Control
  • 24/7 Service
  • Sanitation Reports
  • Bird & Pigeon Barriers
  • Health Dept. Violations Removed
  • Special Programs for>>>>>>>>
Restaurants • Markets
Apartments • Hotels
Office Buildings
Hospitals • Schools
Property Management
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  • Caulk Cracks
  • Seal Utility Openings
  • Install Door Sweeps
  • Replace Vent Screens
  • Repair Tears In Screens
One of the best ways to limit unwanted intrusions by insects, rodents, birds, squirrels and other pests is to deny them entry.
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