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The Attack of the Odorous Ant

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The odorous house ant (Tapinoma sessile) will eat most household foods, especially those that contain sugar, as well as other insects. Indoors they will colonize near heat sources or in insulation. In hot and dry situations, nests have been found in house plants and even in the lids of toilets. Outdoors they tend to colonize under rocks and exposed soil. They appear, however, to form colonies virtually anywhere, in a variety of conditions.

Here are some tips to gain control…

  • Standing water should be eliminated, as odorous house ants are attracted to moisture.
  • Plants should be trimmed back so they cannot be used to get inside.
  • Cracks, holes and joints should be sealed with polyurethane foam or caulk, especially those that are near the ground.
  • Firewood, rocks and other materials should not be stored next to a home because it encourages nest building.

People should be on the lookout for these ants in late winter and early spring (particularly after rain), as this is when they most commonly appear.

Remember: Gain control early.  The longer you wait, the bigger the nest(s).  Though easily controlled, the longer you wait, the more effort it will take to get on top of.

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